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Collaborative project: Fem TV 4.0, performance and video design Phony Towns / Mesta prevare, video installation Trailers 2018, video
Fem TV 4.0 Phony gallery 10 365falls
Re_humanisation IV/ Re_humanizacija IV:, project by Ina Puntar, Katja Oberlintner, video design
Dr. Ljuba Prenner, Citizen of Honor / Dr. Ljubo Prenner za časno občanko!, performance Rebellious Essence / Uporni duh, animation Tomaž Grom's project: Imstrument / Imštrument, video instalation
Ljuba-perf Rebellious Essence Imstrument
Videos for theatre 2017, video
*** page in progress***    
Flow / Tok, documentary film Via Negativa's project: The Ninth / Deveta, video design AG, AGRFT and ALUO project: Mini Operas Evening/ Večer mini opere, video design
Flow - documentary Via Negativa - The Ninth AG, AGRFT and ALUO project - Mini Operas
Brane Zorman's project: EMS Memory Trackers, video design Trailers 2016, video
Zorman_EMS Trailers 2016
Ana at the Station / Ana na Postaji, performance Heroinat / Heroines / Herojke, documentary film Remembering the Others / Spominjanje Drugih, documentary film
Ana at the Station LJUBLJANA
Sinja Ožbolt's project: Welfare to the Nation / Blago(r) narodu, performance and video design Francka, Macho / Mačo and Majda Širca's project: Woman, Part II / Ženska, 2.del, animation Rozinteater's performance: ATL 220, video design
Ozbolt - Welfare to the Nation Francka - animation Rozinteater - ATL 220
Resistance Through Time / Upor skozi čas (Pixxelpoint), conceptual art OHOHO, video art For the Sake of 8th of March, exhibition
Resistor OHOHO 8th of March
Ask for the Moon / Za luno, video art Trailers 2015, video  
Fresh Perspective Trailers 2015  
Uncovering a Pig in a Poke / Odkritje mačke v žaklju, video Recording, post-it, exhibition, installation and documentary film Collaborative project: Fem TV 3.0, performance and video design
pigpoke Recording, posti-it Fem TV
Feminist WikiMaraton / Feministični WikiMaraton, event Ljubljana City of Women, video artDear Ladies, Thank You - Red Dawns / Drage dame, hvala - Rdeče zore, performance
Feminist WikiMaraton LJUBLJANA Dera Ladies, Thank You - Red Dawns
Feminism, Education and Art, intervention - public discussion BradAna -Fem TV 2.0, performance and video art Trailers and videos for theatre 2013, video
Feminism, Education and Art BradAna *** page in progress***
Tomaž Grom's project: Visual Hallucination, Auditory Hallucination, video instalation    
Grom: Visual Hallucination    
Dear Ladies, Thank You - Zagreb / Drage dame, hvala - Zagreb, performance Dear Ladies, Thank You - Ljubljana / Drage dame, hvala - Ljubljana, performance  
Dear Ladies, Thank You - Zagreb Dear Ladies, Thank You - Ljubljana  
Perspective, video installation Finger in U.S., video art Collaborative project Artificial Stupidity with Bager Akbay,Vasja Progar & others, conceptual art
PERSPECTIVE finger Akbay, Progar, Čigon - Artificial Stupidity
Translation 1, conceptual art    
translations 1    
One More Kick, video art Discovery Beyond the Transparency, video art Paintings
One more kick Discovery beyond the transparency Paintings
Dear Ladies, Thank You -1st, performance    
Dear Ladiest 1st    
Unbreakable, video art Real Presence, video art  
Nataša Tovirac's proeject: Timelessness, video design and video art Anima (ani+ma), video art Studio Intakt contemporary dance performance: Triples, video design
Selfportret, video art    
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