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Cheers to Women! A Performative Appetizer to Video Art

Performance, cca 25 min, 2019
Alkatraz Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Premiere September 24th in Slovenian; reprise October 5th in English
Production: City of Women
Co-production: SCCA-Ljubljana (DIVA Station), KUD Mreža
Supported by: Ministry of Culture, City of Ljubljana

The new performance by Ana Čigon Cheers to Women! A Performative Appetizer to Video Art, dedicated to video art created between 1995 and 2015 by Slovenian female videasts. Through the eclectic merging of written, spoken and performative quotes, the artist is forming a performative tale, encouraging viewers to an in-depth viewing of the exhibited works. In that sense, the performance is formed as an experimental historical overview, otherwise different from the classical critical texts, but nevertheless awakening the video archives, contemporizing it and thereby encouraging a re-thinking of the meaning and position of artwork by Slovenian female video artists within the canon of art history.

Performance is opening a group exhibition Cheers to Women! 25 Years of Film and Video

You can find out more about the exhibition on the SCCA-Ljubljana website.

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Ana Čigon