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DEAR LADIES, THANK YOU - first version

dance, video, camera, 2009
Idea and construction of the camera for the face real-time footage: Nika Autor and Miha Ciglar
First presentation of Dear ladies, thank you in 2009 was presented at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, Ljubljana. New radicly modefied versions was presented in 2011.

The topic of the multimedia performance was dedicated to female artists from the past and their lifestyle which was usually really hard and consisted of a lot of self-discipline and sacrifices. On top of their tough life and extra work they continued doing what they were striving for, they also many times encountered periods of loneliness and desperation. The performance was an homage (or rather femage) to three chosen Slovene artists for their strength of will and their extraordinary life stories, and to remember how different were the circumstances for women (artists) in the past.

The dance for this project was developed during the classes of Art of Movement at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (professor Tanja Zgonc) and was accompanied with two videos, one on the left and one on the right side of the stage. The stage floor was covered with names of many Slovene female artists (painters, sculptors, writers etc.). One video output was showing inserts from one of the three artists' life and the other video was connected to a camera. The camera was positioned in front of my face, so the spectators were always getting a real-time footage of my face. In this way I tryed to show a connection between my work and lifestyle with their lives and was at the same time thanking them for their strength and their works of art they left behind. The dance on the written signatures of the female artists was a metaphoric expression of women solidarity and understanding of the great impact our social positions have on our work and life.

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Stills from video d by Miha Bezeljak

Ana Čigon