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Phony Towns / Mesta prevare

video installation, 2018
Kapelica Gallery, Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana
15/2/2018 - 2/3/2018

Concept and realisation of the installation: Ana Čigon
Assistance with screenwriting and installations concept: Andreja Kopač
Sound design and assistance with installations concept: Vasja Progar
Ambiental sounds and sound effects: Matjaž Predanič
Voices: Barbara Krajnc Avdić, Ana Čigon, Niko Goršič, Eva Jus, Mitja Lovše, Slobodan Malić, Ivan Peternelj, Blaž Šef, Matija Vastl in Barbara Žefran.

Performers: Ana Grobler, Pia Skušek, Eva Jus
Proofreading: Petra Jordan
Cofinanced by: Ministry of Culture
Co-organised by: Gallery Kapelica

"Dear Europe, do you remember me? I am one of your younger daughters from the Balkans /.../ I wanted to tell you something, I think it is important /.../ I hope you are proud of me /.../ Drop me a line sometime, even if just to chat about /.../ Uncle Sam, sex or golf."

Kindly invited to the opening of my new project - video installation - Phony Towns. You will find out what the Cloud, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe and the World have to say about them and finally how the Universe will respond.

Phony gallery 1 Phony gallery 2 Phony gallery 3
Phony gallery 4 Phony gallery 5 Phony gallery 6
Phony gallery 7 Phony gallery 8 Phony gallery 9
Phony gallery 10 Phony gallery 11 Phony gallery 12
Phony gallery 13 Phony gallery 14 Phony gallery 15
Phony3 Phony2 Phony
Phony Phony2 Phony3
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Mesta 1 Mesta 2 Mesta 3

Photos from gallery: Qëndresë Deda (1-15), Ana Čigon (16-18), Stils from video (19-27)


Ana Čigon