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Rebellious Essence / Uporni duh

Animation, 5', 2017
Idea, drawings, animation and voices: Ana Čigon
Music and sound design: Vasja Progar
Production: Ana Čigon and City Gallery Ljubljana (Sarival Sosič)
Original language: Slovenian & English. Translations: English, Italian (Ana Čigon), French (Dare Pejić), German, Spanish.

A cat walks into the Office of the Ministry for Cat Affairs and requests for a passport. All goes pretty well until the female and male cat clerks demand to know the cat's sex.


Festival screenings:
• 9/10/2018: Short film opening night, 25. Queerfilm Festival Bremen, Germany
• 13/9/2018: GRRL HAUS Cinema, Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA, USA
• 14 - 19/8/2018: International Women Filmmakers Festival - FINCAR, São Luiz cinema and Joaquim Nabuco Foundation cinema, Recife, Brasil
• Indian Premiere: 28/7/2018: 'Official Selection', Reel Desires: Chennai International Queer Film Festival, Goethe-Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai, India
• 20/7/2018: 'Official Selection', Korea Queer Film Festival (KQFF), Daehan Cinema, Theatre 1, Seoul, Republic of Korea
• 12/7/2018: Cat Video Festival: Animated Cats, dotdotdot Open Air Kurzfilmfestival, Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna, Austria
• 6/7/2018: Queere Filmnacht: Bixa Travesty & Xposed Kurzfilmprogramm, Atelier Automatique, Bochum, Germany
• 5/7/2018: Shorts, Animation in Competition, Balkan Film Food Festival, Pogradec, Albania
• 22/6/2018: qFEST – Festivala drugogi drugačijeg (qFEST – Festival of the Others and Different), Beton kino, Dom mladih, Split, Croatia
• German Premiere: 26/5/2018: 'Official Invitation, in competition0', The 13th Xposed International Queer Film Festival Berlin, Xposed Shorts 4: First Times and Third Options programme, Movimento Theatre, Berlin, Germany
• Asian Premiere: 'Short nomination': 14/5/2018, The Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival, Europe 1 programme, Guro Meeting Hall, Seoul, Republic of Korea
• North American (USA) Premiere: 'Official Selection': 11/5/2018, 2018 Translations Film Festival, Erickson Theatre, Seattle, USA
• Sweedish Premiere: 15/4/2018: 12th IFEMA International Female Film Festival, Breaking Boundaries programme, Malmö, Sweden
• 13/4/2018, Bilbao International Animation Community Festival - Animakom Fest, Krazykom programme, Dock – Edificio BBF, Bilbao, Spain
• 'AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD', 24/3/2018, Leeds Queer Film Festiva, Live Art Bistro, Leeds, UK
• Austrian Premiere: 10 and 11/3/2018, Tricky Women 2018, Body Awareness programme, Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna, Austria
• Spanish Premiere, 'Official Competition Selection': 17/2/2018, MiCe 2018, 6th International Educational Film estival, Valencia, Spain
• Greek Premiere: 6/2/2018, Artfools 10th International Film Festival of Larissa, Public Central Library Larissa, Greece
• Serbian Premiere: 'Official Selection': 10/12/2017, 9th International queer film festival Merlinka, Dom omladine Belgrade, Serbia
• 10/12/2017, 14th International animated film festival Animateka, Slovenian Cinematheque, Ljubljana
• 'Official Selection': 25/11/2017, Animae Caribe Festival 2017, UTT Animation Cinema, venue Academy for the Performing Arts, Keate Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
• 'Official Selection': 27/11/2017 and 30/11/2017, 33rd LGBT Film Festival, Slovenian Cinematheque, Ljubljana
UK Premiere 'Official Selection': 18/11/2017, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, Hackney Showroom, Amhurst Terrace, London, UK
• South America Premiere: 31/10/2017 and 1/11/2017, Colors: Cinema + Diversity, Cinemateca, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil
Croatia Premiere 'Official Selection': 29/10/2017, Vox Feminae Film Festival, Centar za Kulturu, Zagreb, Croatia
• Premiere: 14/9/2017, 20th Slovene Film Festival, Main hall, Avditorij Portorož

• 5/7/2018: Videopride (LGTB and feminist Festival), Museo La Neomudejar, Madrid, Spain
• 2nd Screening of Slovene animation films, selection period 2006-2017: 14/4/2018, City cinema Metropol, Celje
• Pre-premiere (work in progress copy): 23/2/2017, group exhibition "Corporeality", City Gallery Ljubljana

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Ana Čigon