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Let Me Fly, exhibition and paintings, 2010

paintings, post-it drawings, sculpture

Exhibition in Račka gallery, 2010
paintings, sculpture, video-animation, post-it drawings

With the selected motifs, bold poses of women and men, and motifs that explore sexuality, I want to give a statement that promotes liberation from the behavioral patterns that bring us to the oppression of our own sexual desires, fantasies or even instincts.

There were several important aspects I considered when I developed the concept of the exhibited works. First of all I was interested in patterns of sexual behavior, which are socially expected and accepted and which are already likely to cause astonishment or disapproval. In doing so I have not yet gone into extremes or direct displays of sexual acts, but by using different setting variations between male and female figures on paintings (and drawings) I opened the possibility for the viewer to unravel the painted stories in the direction of possible sexual outcomes.

Behavior patterns in sexuality depend on many factors and are also closely tied to expected social roles of both women and men. Sexuality therefore does not solely depend on the intimate world of two people (and I shall point out that duality here is a limiting term as well). It is directly and indirectly affected by the society and the space we live in, family education, religion, politics, economics, and many other aspects that are sometimes conscious, but many times also well hidden in our subconsciousness. We realize at this point that sexual behavior is not an intimate theme of individuals, but is in different ways intruded by external factors. Because of all this I would like to return to sexuality a greater autonomy and try to liberate it from harmful external influences.

Let me fly therefore talks about a liberated Eros which is trying to rethink and reconsider its viewpoints on sexuality. It is a dream of liberated sexuality, one that is observing its own wishes and does not try to suppress them, but seeks to explore and express them.



Let me fly exhibition:    
Self-portrait / Veliki avtoportret Old Museum Friend / Muzejska prijateljica Hello Sexy
Self-portrait Old Museum Friend Hello Sexy
Nike Nike 2 Compromise/ Kompromis (ali Oblečena in slečena v maju)
Nike Nike 2 Compromise
Lost Eye
The Praise of Folly / Hvalnica norosti Olimpus
Lost Eye The Praise of Folly Olimpus
Ovdje se i najjaci heroj posere Pogledi Post-it drawings / Post-it risbe
Ovdje Pogledi post-it
Let me fly exhibition wiew
Let_me_fly1 Let_me_fly2 Let_me_fly3
Let_me_fly4 Let_me_fly Let_me_fly6

Ana Čigon