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Fem TV 3.0

Burlesque-cabaret performance, cca 1 hour, 2014

Concept: Red Dawns and Lesbian Feminist University
Performances by: Ana Čigon, Eva Jus, Jasmina Klančar, Tamara Klavžar, Slobodan Malić, Tadeja Pirih, Martin Ukmar, Danijela Zajc.
Scenography: Nevena Aleksovski, Jasmina Klančar
Music: Martin Ukmar
Production: Red Dawns
Co-production: ŠKUC-Cultural Center Q
Co-organization: Menza pri koritu

Fem TV 3.0, the third performance in the series of burlesque-cabaret performances with an umbrella title Fem TV, includes parodies of television shows and news programmes and a sarcastic critique of the social up-to-date issues related to gender and sexuality. The performance plays with traditional and contemporary theatrical expressions. It is torn between burlesque, cabaret, variety shows, contemporary dance, performance and body art, video, music performances and improvisational theatre.

In Fem TV 3.0 I collaborated as writer, performer and camerawoman and editor of short videos for the Fem TV performance.

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Photos by Rebeka Bernetič

Ana Čigon