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Fem TV 4.0

Burlesque / cabaret / varieté/ performance / video/ music / improvisation by members of Fem TV collective, cca 1 hour, 2018

Idea: Red Dawns and Lesbian Feminist University
Performers: Ana Čigon, Eva Jus, Tamara Klavžar, Slobodan Malić, Tadeja Pirih, Pia Skušek, Danijela Zajc
Video: Vesna Bukovec, Ana Čigon, Ana Grobler
Script, ideas: Ana Grobler, Ana Čigon, Eva Jus, Tadeja Pirih, Tamara Klavžar, Slobodan Malić, Pia Skušek, Danijela Zajc, Vesna Bukovec.
Co-organisation: Club Gromka, KUD Podtalnica
Co-production (Bodeča neža award): Vita Activa
In Slovene

The fourth Fem TV show is made of TV shows and news show parodies as well as a critique of social narratives on gender and sexuality. The performance takes a play on traditional as well as contemporary theatre practise. It touches every form of expression from burlesque, cabaret, varieté, performance, video and music as well as improvisation.

Fem TV 4.0 follows the traditions of its previous shows with the first one being performed in 2012. “Tea Hvala speaks of Fem TV in her essay Working on Gender, New Burlesque and Cabaret in Ljubljana and she points out the intentional unprofessionalism of the performers and the humour as the most important tools for politicizing overlooked topics. The trashesthetics of Fem TV 3.0 is not just in its fille rouge but also in the stance it takes on the media’s misrepresentation of reality with the emphasis on criticizing the distorted image of women’s bodies and their role as objects of the beauty industry as it openly perpetuates the patriarchy.” (source: MMC)

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Photos by Nada Žgank

Ana Čigon