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Performance and exhibition, 2015
Concept and performance: Ana Čigon
Production: SCCA-Ljubljana. Center for Contemporary Arts and Ana Čigon
27th october 2015, Project Room SCCA, Ljubljana


Dušan Dovč text on the event (slo):

Ana at the Station has been conceived as an experimental project based on a research of physical and on-line archive DIVA Station. Ana Čigon has researched her position as an artist within the history of video and performative practices registered by DIVA Station, which led her to the performative action of intertwining her artistic practice with the creation of other artists. Through eclectic knitting of written, spoken and performative quotes from her videos and videos of other related artists her performance strived for contextualisation of her work with the aim of formulating a critical stance towards her own creativity.

Čigon's project is a part of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage which UNESCO has proclaimed on 27 October. DIVA Station/SCCA-Ljubljana is thus joining the celebration with the practice of an “open archive” to trigger a constructive exchange and emancipated work by the artists as well as their capacity to comment and interpret the AV archive and the archiving practices of today.


Ana na postaji1 Ana na postaji3 Ana na postaji4
Ana na postaji5 Ana na postaji7 Ana na postaji9
Ana na postaji10 Ana na postaji11 Ana na postaji12
Ana na postaji13 Ana na postaji14 Ana na postaji6
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Photos: SCCA-Ljubljana archive


Ana Čigon