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Authors: Bager Akbay,Vasja Progar, Ana Čigon & others

Main Collaborators: Vesela Mihaylova, Myrssini Antoniou, Markos Vogiatzoglou

Experimental project

In this work, we have made different experiments with which we confused the perceptual models of the people. At the same time, the project was also a work that tried to involve the audience in many different ways. However, not only they participated within the predefined experiments, they were also encouraged to give suggestions of their own and even become collaborators. One of most important elements of this project for me was the way technology was used. It was used to (re)direct people's focus onto their perception, the human body. The experiments made for Artificial stupidity used technology to learn about the human perceptual models, to question the intertwined connections between the body and the mind, the processes inside the body.




Ana Čigon