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For the sake of 8th of March

Solo exhibition, 2015
6-27/3/2015, Hiša kulture v Pivki
Photography, video, posters, graffiti
Curated by Mojca Grmek

The exhibition featured artworks that deal with feminist issues that were produced in the last five years. The artworks deal with under-representation of female artists in art history and female figures in society in general, and question stereotypical notions about women and men and their social expectations and roles. In addition to the above mentioned works, the exhibition also presented projects that are a product of collective work of the artist with other artists, theoreticians and activists, whose purpose is to raise public awareness of important feminist issues.

The exhibition therefore presented a series of artworks which are in one way or another linked to the essence of the celebration of the 8th of March.

8th March 1 8th March 2 8th March 3
8th March 4 8th March 5 8th March 6
8th March 7 8thMarch 8 8thMarch 9
8thMarch 10 8thMarch 11  
Photos: Archive of Culture House in Pivka

Catalogue Culture House in Pivka 2014/2015

Ana Čigon