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Short documentary, 15'00'', 2015

Directing, script, sound and editing: Ana Čigon
Interviews with: Linda Gusia, Majlinda Hoxha, Alma Lama, Lura Limani, Nita Luci and Hana Qena.
Camera: Ana Čigon and Qëndresë Deda
Camera assistance: Donjeta Murati and Vala Osmani
Sound editing assistance: Vasja Progar
Music: Vasja Progar and Ana Čigon
Albanian to English translations: Qëndresë Deda and Donjeta Murati
English to Slovene translations: Ana Makuc
Producers: Ana Čigon; Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art, Prishtina - Kosovo; City Gallery, Ljubljana - Slovenia

FFFD CINEFFABLE VoxFeminae Festival screenings:
• 'Official Selection': 29/10/2016, 28th Paris International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival, Paris
•'Official Short Film Selection': 1/11/2015, 2nd Feminist Film Festival Dublin, The New Theatre, Dublin, Ireland
• 4/11/2015, Vox Feminae Festival, Cinema Europe, Zagreb, Croatia

Exhibition and other screenings:
• 27/10/2023, For Your Pleasure. Feminist Positions in Visual Art in and from Slovenia, Museum of Modern Art, MG+, Ljubljana
• Gallery Photon (work in progress version of the film), Ljubljana, 2015
• Red Cycle in Black Cinema, Živko Skvotec, Factory Rog (pre-premiere screening), Ljubljana, 2015
• KC Tobacna 001, Ljubljana, 2015
• Group exhibition ‘A Man at the Border’, Flat 1 gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2016
• Group exhibition ‘A Man at the Border’, Alkatraz gallery, Ljubljana, 2017
• Femiqueer festival Queerograd, Volkshaus, Graz, Austria, 2017

Heroinat is a short documentary film that comments on the erection of a problematic monument dedicated to women, which was uncovered on 12th of June 2015 in Prishtina, Kosovo. In the film, the thoughts on the monument are exchanged through montage of interview with a politician who supported the project, the written documents of the artist’s statements on the artistic aspect of the monument and the thoughts of students, artists, theoreticians and activists from Prishtina, that are questioning the idea and aesthetics of such monument.


Heroinat1 Heroinat2 Heroinat3
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Ana Čigon