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Video art, 1'30'', 2015

This video is dedicated to all organisers of exhibitions who are not paying atrists' fee.

The video was made for, and first shown in the exhibition entitled Don’t eat the yellow snow!– The 10th Annual OHO Group Award in gallery P74 in Ljubljana. It is a video that resonates the themes and aesthetics of a few videos that were made in connection to OHO Group Award I received in 2009. It is a critique of the art system, which was also a theme in the video Discovery Beyond the Transparency (video for which I received the OHO Group Award) and it includes the aesthetics of a video entitled Finger in U.S., which was the first video that I made in the artist residency in New York. The artist residency was the prize for the winner of the OHO Award.

Artists are often invited to exhibit their work for free, which I find unfair and disrespectful. This video is dedicated to such occasions. For exhibiting in the exhibition Don’t eat the yellow snow!– The 10th Annual OHO Group Award I did not receive an artists' fee and since I won the award by being critical about an art institution it seemed only fair to be critical again.

Exhibitions / screenings:
Don’t eat the yellow snow! – The 10th Annual OHO Group Award, P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, 2015
Short Film Night, DIVA Station selection Thank you for your attention! (curated by Neža Grum and Luka Polutnik), Slovenian Cinematheque, Ljubljana, 2016
Happy and merry… - screening of a new curated video programme from the DIVA Station archive, Gallery Simulaker, Novo mesto, 2021

Ana Čigon