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Phoney Towns II/ Mesta prevare II

videos, texts, photos, 2019 (ongoing project since 2018)
KiBela, space for art (MMC KIBLA, Ulica kneza Koclja 9), Maribor
13. 12. 2019 - 11. 1. 2020

Concept and realisation of the exhbition: Ana Čigon
Assistance with installations concept: Andreja Kopač

Voice for the video 'From the Programme': Niko Goršič
List of the collaborators of the film 'Phoney Sightsi', which is also part of the exhibition can be found here
Curator: Živa Kleidienst
Production: Društvo X-OP (The exhbition is part of the project Risk Change (2016-2020), financed by Creative Europe.)

Text: Živa Kleidienst

The set-up of the Phony Towns II video installation, where the viewer digitally manipulates the landscape in order to travel between different geopolitical spaces, is accompanied by photographs, in which the topic of discussion shifts to local cultural-political issues in the city of Maribor.
Phony Towns II humorously deals with the alarming condition of our contemporary society, which is permeated by an erosion of values, the rise of political populism, and the relentlessness of the neoliberal economic fabric of the world.

Phoney Towns is a long runing project that is presented in different variations depending on the gallery space, production and contemporary sociopolitical developments. Part of this project and development is also the experimental film Phoney Sights.

Maks1 Phoney 0b Phoney II 1
Phoney II 2 Phoney II 3 Phoney II 4
Phoney II 5 Phoney II 6 Phoney II 7
Phoney II 8 Phoney II 9 Phoney II 10
Phoney II 11 Phoney II 12 Phoney II 13
Phoney II 14 Phoney II 15 Phoney II 16
Phoney II 17 Phoney II 18 Phoney II 19

Photos (3 to 21) made by Gregor Salobir


Ana Čigon