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Mesta prevare IV: Mesto odgovarja / Phoney Towns IV: City Response

videos, texts, photographies, drawings
Gallery Simulaker, Novo mesto
4 - 27/11/2021

Artist: Ana Čigon
Curator: Adrijan Praznik
Interviewees: Klavdija Kotar, Jasna Šinkovec, Luka Blažič, Andreja Kopač, Marjan Lapajne, Mija Kramar, Borut Križ, Sonja Vlašič, Uroš Lubej, Bor Ravbar, Tjaša Pureber, Natalija Zanoški, Boštjan Pucelj, Marjan Kopač, Andrej Marijan, Mitja Simič
Concept, organization and moderation of conversations within the open studio: Ana Čigon & Andreja Kopač
Production of the exhibition: Gallery Simulaker / LokalPatriot
The project was suported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia & City Municipality of Novo mesto
Cofinancing of Open Studio: City of Stories in which the video was filmed:The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

27/11/2021 at 5 pm, closing of the exhibition

Conversetion wuth Mijo Kramar & Klavdijo Kotar moderated by Andreja Kopač
Director of a short performative intervation: Mija Kramar; actors: Luka Žerdin & Jure Šimonka

Pdf of the exhibition

CITY of STORIES - full video:

Phoney Towns IV: City Response is the fourth variation of the project, which consists of videos, manipulated photos, texts and drawings by the author Ana Čigon. She started the Phoney Towns project in 2018, and since then she has been upgrading, transforming and expanding it by including the city in which she exhibits in the project with each new presentation.

The purpose of the project is to reflect on the current geopolitical reality, viewed from a local to a global perspective. She chose the image of the city to visualize her reflections on society, politics and the economic system of which we are all part of. The project reflects on how cities are expanding, what is being build, what places are disappearing, and what all this can tell us about society, politics and the direction of global development. The project has so far been presented in three Slovenian cities. In Ljubljana, through videos, photographs and texts about the gentrification of the city and autonomous spaces (one of which - Rog - has already been demolished), in Maribor she focused on the unfinished building MAKS, and in Celje she addressed the effects soil and air pollution with heavy metals.

In Novo mesto, the artist decided on a new approach to including the city itself in the exhibition. In order to reflect her position as the artist and try to be personally involved in the process, she organized an Open Studio in September 2021 in collaboration with Andreja Kopač in the spave V Glavnem, entitled City of Stories. In the latter, she invited several Novo mesto women to talk about the city and the community. Experts, artists, younger and older generation of Novo mesto residents responded. Sixteen people took part in the interviews where they reflected on what the places for socializing used to be like, what the city is like today and what the residents want for the future. As the artist is also interested in the social, and political context and the community in relation to the city, she also talked about this aspects in the conversations with the residents. At the exhibition, visitors will be able to watch, among other things a video created from conversations with Novo mesto residents. The video is devided in several short sets. The visitors were also invited to participate in thinking about what kind of a city they want in the future.

About the closing event:

Until Saturday, 27 November 2021, the Simulaker Gallery is still hosting the solo exhibition by Ana Čigon entitled Phoney Towns IV: City Response. The exhibition consists of manipulated or. collage photographs, texts and videos that address the topic of the social significance of cities. The main work of the exhibition is a video consisting of twenty short sets in which the residents of Novo mesto talk about Novo mesto, reflect how the city is developing, what infrastructures and which spaces for socializing, thinking and connecting with eachother they want in the city and how they imagine the future of theire communityf. The recording of the conversations took place in September this year as part of the Open Studio: City of Stories, which was filmed by Ana Čigon in the space V Glavnem. The ideas for the conversations were conceived and implemented by the artist in collaboration with Andreja Kopač, a dramaturg and publicist from Novo mesto.

On Saturday, November 27, 2021, we are preparing the closing event of the exhibition, where Andreja Kopač will talk about the exhibition and the city with two Novo mesto residents who participated in video interviews: Klavdija Kotar and Mija Kramar. Unfortunately, the author will not be able to be present at the closing event this time due to illness, but she will address the visitors via a greeting letter. We are also pleased to announce that the end of the exhibition will be rounded off by a short theatrical intervention by the young Novo mesto artist Mija Kramar. You are kindly invited to visit the exhibition and use this opportunity for socializing and conversations about the city again.

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Photos: 1-9: Ana Čigon; 10-21: K.P.L. (Simulaker Gallery)


Ana Čigon