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Spregledani razgledi / Phony Sights

experimental film, 21'45'', 2019; International version: 19'10''


Narrated by

Ana Čigon Od spodaj / From Below
Barbara Žefran Iz pisarne / From the Office
Barbara Krajnc Avdić Z Vzhoda / From the East
Mojca Dimec Z Zahoda / From the West
Ivan Peternelj Z Daljnega vzhoda / From the Far East
Blaž Šef Z otoka / From the Island
Julita Kropec Z Zemlje / From the Earth

Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor and Animation: Ana Čigon

Script Consultant: Andreja Kopač
Additional Script Consultations: Andrej Šprah, Ida Hiršenfelder and Jurij Hadalin
Music and Sound Design: Vasja Progar
Ambiental sounds and and sound effects: Matjaž Predanič

Extras in the windows: Ana Grobler, Pia Skušek, Eva Jus, Ana Čigon
Subtitles: English and Spanish

Cofinanced by: Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Culture

More information about the film credits, co-workers and other information about the film in Press Kit


• "Official Selection": 22 - 24/11/2022, 5th Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium, Zoetrop, Kimolou 17, 11362, Athens, Greece
• "Official Selection": 20/11/2022, XVIII Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, Fundación Comunidad Contemporánea, Buernos Aires, Argentina
• 20 - 26/10/2021, Picture More, Los Angeles Filmforum, online
• 27/8/2021, Video on the Beach, IsolaCinema, Park Svetilnik Izola
• "Official Selection": 1-22/5/2021, 16.1 Experiments in Cineman International Film Festival (non-competitive festival), Experiments 14 programme, online edition, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
• "Official Selection": 14-18/4/2021, Innovations competition, Filmfest Bremen, GreenOutlook programme, online edition, Germany
• "Official Competition": 24-28/3/2021, BEAST International Film Festival, programmme ExperimentalEAST, online edition, Porto, Portugal
• 18-21/12/2020, 21st cellu l’art Short Film Festival Jena, online edition, Germany
• 3-7/12/2020, 4th Unseen Film Festival, online edition, Croatia
• 30/9/2020, Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF, Athens, Greece
• 4/9/2020, Woodstock Museum 21st Annual Film Festival, Saugerties, New York, USA
• "Official Selection": 19/8/2020 - 31/8/2020, Bogotá Experimental Film Festival, online edition, Columbia
• "Official Selection": 28/8/2020, International Alexandria Short Film Festival, EKKOKKISTIRIO IDEON, Veroia, Greece
• Austrian Premiere: 'Official Selection': 12/12/2019, K3 Film Festival, Stadtkino Villach, Austria
• Slovenian Premiere, 'Official Short Film Competition': 20/9/2019, 22nd Festival of Slovenian Film , Monfort, Portorož, Slovenia
• Egiptian Premiere: 14/9/2019, 9th Cairo Video Festival, Zawya Cinema, Cairo, Egypt

• 8/10 - 5/11/2022, group exhibition Safe Mode: Amplified Realities (curated by Foteini Vergidou together with TILT Platform and Video Art Miden), The Project Gallery, MISC Athens, BHD Hub, Athens, Greece
PS37 Award - Poziv Simulaker; group exhibition: 14/11/2019 - 5/12/2019, Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto


Cairo Spregledani razgledi FSF Alexandria
Bogota Unseen Woodstock
Cellu l'art BEAST Filmfest Bremen
Filmfest Bremen2 LA Filmforum
Miden Underground Balkan Can Kino

A reflection of contemporary society through modified moving images.

A satiric critique of the current social and political changes that are happening in Slovenia, in Europe and in the World aesthetically explored through (de)formation of landscapes and cityscapes. Phony Sights considers social and political issues and even science when searching for an answer to the questions Where we are and Where we are going.

Long synopsis:
Phoney Sights presents a vision of the world in the form of intimate letters and computer-modified urban landscapes of different world citiies. It covers a wide variety of topics such as class inequality, political powerlessness of the individual, the criminalization of refugees, elitization of urban centers, critique of the multi-speeds Europe, political and economic fight between the superpowers, accumulation of wealth of the richest elite, etc. From local-Slovenian themes represented through images of its capital city - Ljubljana, the view extends to urban European centers. The European Union is presented from the perspectives of both - eastern and western members. The horizon then extends to the world capitals and bird's-eye views of different worldly locations. With them the position of the superpowers of China and USA is reveiled. The tour of the world rounds out in a caricatured view of the state of affairs from the perspective of the wealthiest people in the world. The last two chapters are devoted to science and Universe. It is a scientist who, through her reflection on astrophysics and quantum mechanics, presents the story of the end of the Universe, which can also be percieved as a critique of the atomization and class stratification of society. The last word is given to the Universe, which, by telling the story of its beginning, presents a parable of people bonding and a grassroots rebellion.

Spregledani razgledi / Phoney Sights, 2019 trailer from Ana Čigon on Vimeo.

Spregledani razgledi Spregledani razgledi 2 Spregledani razgledi 3
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The film Phoney Sights is part of a larger and long running project Phoney Towns.


Ana Čigon