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Feminist WikiMaraton

Filling in the gaps in Wikipedia,multiple events

Upcoming edition:
24/2/2024 from 12am to 5pm, Museum of Modern Art, MG+, Ljubljana

Past editions:
11/10/2016 & 16/10/2016, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana
8/3/2014, Multimedia Center (now Rampa Lab), Ljubljana
27/11/2013 - 29/11/2013, Multimedia Center (now Rampa Lab), Ljubljana

Wikipedia is a popular and highly-visited free and collaborative internet encyclopaedia which provides the possibility to gather information on a variety of topics, including those which are neglected or completely ignored. The project Rewriting Wikipedia showed a shortage of contributions on many important women artists, scientists, politicians and other well-known female public figures. The same is true for the Slovenian Wikipedia. A project of intensive complementing of the Slovenian Wikipedia has already been realised twice (2013 and 2014) on the initiative of the artist Ana Čigon.

Feminist WikiMarathon 2016 is dedicated to writing contributions on the Slovenian women artists that participated at the International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women from its inception in 1995 up to today.

We invite everyone to participate in complementing the Slovenian Wikipedia with all female writers and experts on different artists that participated at the International Festival of Contemporary Arts City of Women. Join us on the 11th and/or 16th of October 2016 either in person or virtually. You will be able to learn writing in Wikipedia at the event held at Škuc Gallery though we suggest you write the contribution and find written sources, required by Wikipedia, beforehand. Those not versed in writing Wikipedia are also invited - it won’t take you long to learn. Detailed information on the event and ways to join us is available further down and in the Wiki page of the event. If you can’t attend our meeting, you can still participate in the project – communicate that you wish to participate virtually and send the contribution you are working on. Write to for all additonal questions.

More information about the event and video documentation:

Wikimaraton 1 Wikimaraton 6 Wikimaraton 2
Wikimaraton 4 Wikimaraton 5 Wikimaraton 3

Foto: Rebeka Bernetič / Multimedia Center (now Rampa Lab), Ljubljana & Feminist and Queer Festival Red Dawns

Ana Čigon